Cooperations with industry

A major objective of the members of the CRC 653 are cooperations with research institutes and industrial companies besides the already implemented collaborations within the project. These closes cooperations bring new findings into the current reseach projects and accelerate the transfer of innovative results from the CRC 653 into industrial application leading to further valuable exchange and developments.

If you are interested in collaborating with the CRC 653, please contact our members directly.

Visiting Researchers and Scientists

Since its foundation in 2005, the CRC 653 maintaint an intensiv international exhchange with researchers from all around the world. The members of the CRC 653 are fellows of several leading organisations in production engineering and technology like for example CIRP, IEEE or ASM International. Recent research results are regularly published in international journals or presented in international conferences. All members of the CRC 653 cooperating with international researchers in order to exchange their ideas or resulsts and to cooperate in joint research initiatives.

Visiting researchers are welcome to cooperate in current research projects or scientific investigations over a defined periode or invited speeches.

Selection of visiting researchers within CRC 653

Prof. Y. Altintas, University of British Columbia
Vancouver (Canada)

Prof. W. S. da Silva, University Federal do Rio Grande do Norte
Natal (Brazil)

Prof. R. T. Coelho, University of São Paulo
São Paulo (Brazil)

Prof. G. Byrne, University College
Dublin (Ireland)

Prof. V. P. Shkodyrev, State Polytechnic University
St. Petersburg (Russia)

Pro. G. Stepan, University of Technology and Economics
Budapest (Hungary)

Prof. H.-S. Park, University of Ulsan
Ulsan (South Korea)

Prof. P. P. Date, Indian Institute of Technology Bomby IIT-B
Bombay (India)

Prof. H. ElMaraghy, University of Windsor
Windsor (Canada)

Prof. G. Chryssolouris, University of Patras
Patras (Greece)

Prof. Y. Kakinuma, KEIO University
Yokohama (Japan)

Prof. Abrao, Federal University of Minas Gerais
Belo Horizonte (Brazil)

Prof. Golovko, National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine
Dnipropetrovsk (Hungary)

Dr. Koroleva, Saint Petersburg State University
St. Petersburg (Russia)

Dr. habil. I. Yanchevskyi, National University
Kharkiver (Hungary)

A. Zaitsev, Saint Petersburg State University
St. Petersburg (Russia)

M. Tanwar, Indian Institute of Technology
Delhi (India)

Prof. J. M. Allwood, University of Cambridge
Cambridge (England)

Prof. J.-H. Chun, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge (USA)

Prof. I. Inasaki, Chubu University
Kasugai City (Japan)

Prof. X. Lu, University of British Columbia
Vancouver (Canada)

Prof. L. Rokhlin Baikov, Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science
Moskau (Russia)

Prof. W. Dudzinski, Institute of Materials Science and Technical Mechanics
Breslau (Poland)

Dr. I. Mozgova, National University
Dnipropetrovsk (Hungary)