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Welcome to the Collaborative Research Centre 653
"Gentelligent Components in Their Lifecycle"

Since 2005, grouped in 17 subprojects within five project areas, scientists from Leibniz Universität Hannover and Laser Centre Hannover e.V. (LZH Hannover) are developing future enabling technologies for the next generation of mechanical components.

Scenario: The feeling machine tool

It feels, learns and controls itself. Several sensors are integrated in the clamping fixture of the "gentelligent machine tool" of CRC 653. The machine is able to adjust for example, independently if vibrations occur during milling that could influence negatively the surface quality of the workpiece. The sensors do not disturb the structure of the machine and require no additional space. The machine tool equipped with gentelligent components works without any restrictions for application in conventional processes.



Scenario: Gentelligent automotive chassis

The scientists of CRC 653 have integrated sensing components in the racing car of formular student group Horsepower for condition monitoring and subsequent optimization component generations. For example, the integrated magnesium-alloy wheel carrier can measure its loads while driving. The stored information in the component can be read out at the pit stop: judgments about the remaining life of the component become possible. The data can be used for geometrical evolution and optimization of the wheel carrier.